Aesthetic – Mimetic

Perso-B, Perso-C
Perso-B, Perso-C

IMPLANTS PERSO-B® & PERSO-C® are ivory in color, making the implants invisible under the gums.
No black shadows, no metal.

Flexibility – Freedom

The deformation under stress is similar to the jaw bone deformation. Due to the equivalent flexibility of jaw bone, the implants PEEK PERSO-C® and PERSO-B® will stimulate the remodelling of bone (Osteoconduction).

Endurance – Strength

Complies with all biofunctionality-standards for dental Implants (EN ISO 14801). PEEK implants do not break or crack even after 5 000 000 cycles.

Integration – Simplicity

The bone response observed is similar to that of a graft. Immediate loading possible.
No heating by screwing, soft impactation when using PEEK implants.

No contraindication

PEEK is not a contraindication for radiological exams such as CT scans and MRIs. There is no need to remove PEEK implants for this type of imaging or for Xray-therapy.
Implants PERSO-C® & PERSO-B® are metalfree and bioinerte, no corrosion.

The same material PEEK… two implants…

Advantages and properties different from Titanium

  • Procedure with or without flap
  • No artefacts in radiological imaging
  • No heating in MR-Imaging and Xray-therapy
  • No corrosion
  • Possibility of immediate loading with splint
  • The Monobloc-implant can be formed for
    • Parallelity
    • Height
    • Aesthetic
    • Volume
  • Post-extraction insertion in all sectors Post-extraction insertion in all sectors.
  • Prolongation of implant possible with our abutments OAXE, OABU and OTEC.