The Basal OsseoIntegration Procedure

Under local anesthesia as we know it from the dentists’ office, the jaw bone will be freed just for a centimeter to permit to cut with special cutters a small groove in it. There will be no pain and it will last just some minuts. In comparison with a hip operation this is a very little intervention.

How are BASAL Implants inserted

Than the implant, which fits just in the cutted groove will be pushed into the groove till it arrives in its final and predetermined position. With a little thread it will just to be seen coming out of the crestal bone; this will be later the post for the fixed denture. Those BASAL IMPLANTS may normally be charged immediately after insertion, that means that the denture will be fixed when it is manufactured after 1 to 12 days. This is an advantage especially for patients who need a totally implant-supported bridge for an toothless jaw.


In that manner BOI-Implants are anchored in bone. The masticatory forces wil charge the cortical (surrounding) bone.


Comparaison de procédure

  A mandibula, lower jaw, with out molar teeth.


A classical removable denture to complete this kind of edentation.
The removable denture inserted with its well known disadvantages: foreign body feeling, overcharge of the natural teeth, continuing loss of jaw bo
  The bridge supported by a BASAL.IMPLANT and a natural tooth. Feeling as own teeth .optimal charges to the jaw bone, preservation of the bon

Comparaison de procédure 2


In this upper jaw we see a situation without molar teeth on the left jaw side. Here a removable denture charging the palatum; it is fixed with ordinary wire clasps to the remaining teeth.


Here the implant inserted in the jaw model. The implant-supported bridge which keeps away of the palatum and feels like own teeth.

BASAL IMPLANTS Can be inserted in the Upper Jaw as well.