• Stress-transmission via resilient base-plates - no loadtransmission via a vertical interface.

Since more than 15 years finalized universitary material - biomechanical - and clinical studies, such as holographic LASER-interferometrie.

• Load-transmission interface parallel to the direction of masticatory forces with base-plates and multibase-plates in dimensions adapted to the width of the jaws DISKI - primary bone-healing makes immediate loading possible ISO9001 CE 0413 DIN 46001

• Ultragrazile

• Marginal perforation profile not more than diam.1,9 cm, apt also for alveolar ridge prevention by immediat implantationtation

• Baseplate-double-baseplate-multi-baseplates: out of the group of the lateral inserted cortically based implants The only implants with load transmission far distant from the alveolar ridg

• Steril, double-sheeted packing; sophisticated simple prosthodontic system

• Not only a concept, but always the good solution included in case of subtotal atrophies of alveolar ridge in maxilla and mandibula:

• Homologous Titanium Cutters for prevention of polymetallisme







Elasticity modulous



Crestal and basal transmission



The resiliance in BOI



Multicortical support Gracility and blood supply BOI and minimal bone volumes



Reactin to lateral load