PEEK Implant

In construction


The new implant, called PEEK, during the current clinical testing, will be adaptable to any type of bone and bone classification in dimension and elasticity. This will make easier the surgical procedure.
Out of the standpoint of the patient the PEEK-Implant will offer real advantages in security, quality and long-term success together with the lack of constant traumatisation of the bone cells in the daily loading by mastication well-known from all titanium applying implant procedures; this is due to to the real isoelastic material.

Statistically we may estimate that the new PEEK procedure will shorten by 50% the loss-quota after 20 years as it concerns the reasonable patients and up to 25% the overall-loss-quota. .

The Victory-med nv develloppes since one decade this for patients and professional users advantageous new implant system. It waits for the introduction on the markets. The number of users, who can be admitted to this new method of basal osseointegration will raise up considerably (today not more than 1% of all European implantologists are certified for basal implantology).