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    Strong Teeth

    Dr Frank-Peter Spahn
    Editions / Hans Huber
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Sample: Strong Teeth... even in Jawbone-loss

Strong Teeth

The importance of teeth

Individual aesthetics is statically and dynamically linked to the masticatory system of each individual person. Tooth loss indicates disorders within this system - changes that may well be accompanied by more comprehensive diseases. Too often patients have to listen to verdicts by their dental surgeons such as, 'In your situation, there is nothing we can do in the way of fixed dentures. All we can do is fit you with removable dentures. Your bone structure does not permit the use of implant abutments to support a fixed denture.''

Inserting Implants to the jaw

Disk implantology is true maxillofacial implantology, since it involves maxillary bone and maintains facial structures. BOI implantologists are required to have thorough specialist knowledge of maxillofa-cial anatomy and surgery.

Complicating factors and their implications for the postsurgical outcome

Implant-related factors
Since the fundamental improvements made to the Juillet implant in 1977, relating, in particular, to the broardening of the thread-bearing perpendicular pin, fractures of the implant have been practically unknown. The disk implant was designed to include these biomechanical improvements. Fractures are no longer to be expected, given that the implants are now produced by the monoblock process, that is, without welds either in the area of transition to the base plate or in the threaded area.


Patient questions and concise expert replies
Participating experts: Dr. Becker, (Bonn, Germany), Dr. Besch, (Neunkirchen, Germany), Dr. David, (Niederkrü chten, Germany), Dr. Fernsebner, (Laufen, Germany), Dr. Gerard, (Lü ttich, Belgium), Dr. Ihde, (Uetliburg, Switzerland), Dr. Penez, (Bourg-en-Bresse, France), Dr. Rossand, (St. Cloud, France). MC: Dr. Dr. Spahn. Venue: Munich, on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Implantoral Club International 1998..

How old was your oldest patient? Is there an age limit?

Dr. Spahn : Let me answer this question myself. My oldest implant patient was an 84-year-old man from Cologne I treated in 1982. He had his entire mandible fitted with implants in local anasthesia. Wearing a removable complete denture since 40 years, he was overjoyed to have his fixed teeth back. The money was money well spent: the patient recently turned 100, so he has been wearing his BOI for 16 years. The answer is therefore no; we do not see an age limit.